Monsanto Fund selects Abbott, TX for My Town Campaign

About My Town

by Monsanto Fund

The Monsanto Fund celebrates rural communities by highlighting their innovative and altruistic nature through the America’s Farmers Community Outreach programs. that Small towns are often portrayed as rife with challenges, but, through research, we’ve found that rural communities are full of positive attributes and residents are proud to live there. Of those living in small, rural towns 95% say they have a sense of pride in where they currently live, and 96% feel that small-town innovation deserves more recognition. We are looking to bring these figures to life through quality content that encourages people to share what makes their towns great on their own channels.


The My Town campaign will highlight all of the elements that make up a community and a proud sense of place. The content will elevate the spirit of rural America by showcasing stories of people helping their fellow townspeople, preserving the nature of their communities and living their day-to-day lives with social stewardship. These stories can come from an array of places, including local food, artisan spirits, traditional woodworking, handmade goods and the townspeople themselves. Source: America's Farmers by Monsanto Fund