Congressman Williams Congratulates the Abbott High School Baseball team on it's State Championship.

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) took to the House floor Monday to recognize and congratulate the Abbott High School Baseball Team on winning their first State Championship.

As a former Texas Christian University and Atlanta Braves baseball player, Rep. Williams met with the baseball team last week to present a certificate of recognition for their victory.

Williams’ remarks are below:

“Mr. Speaker, today, I would like to recognize and congratulate the Abbott High School Baseball Team on being this year’s Division 1A State Champions.

“Located in Abbott, Texas, this small town high school has defied the odds.

Since opening its doors in 1886, this is the first time the baseball program has earned the title of State Champions.

“Just last week, I visited the Panthers as well as Principal Pustejovsky and Head Coach Crawford. It was an honor to meet these young Americans and be able to congratulate them on a hard-earned win.

“As a former baseball player myself, it is inspiring to watch a new wave of students become interested in America’s favorite pastime.

“These boys are bright and eager to do their best by giving one-hundred and ten percent at all times - and that is the kind of spirit we need in this country.

“In a time when we’re finally recovering from the last eight years of turmoil, kids like these are exactly the driving force behind what will make this country great again.

“Mr. Speaker, as long as I am up here in Washington, I am committed to continuing to fight for our nation’s future generations.

“I am proud to represent the black and gold in the 25th Congressional District of Texas and look forward to watching their baseball careers unfold.

“And, remember, keep your head over the plate, swing as hard as you can, and always look fast ball.
“In God we trust.”