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For any of you who have ever shopped online or plan to shop online in the future, please check out our school's new website feature at and go through there to do online shopping. By doing so, our school (Abbott ISD) gets a percentage of the sales.

There are over 500 stores through the link. Almost any store you can think of, plus many you would never know were there. There's also a daily "Hot Deals" section on there that gives you different deals each day at different stores, such as promotional codes for percentages off, free shipping, etc...

It takes you directly to the stores website just like if you went directly to them yourself, only by going through the link, you're helping out the school. You won't pay anything more than if you went there directly. It's the stores that are contributing to the school thanks to your purchases.

Your name and information will not be given out to the school or anyone else. You will receive random email specials and reminders from the mall throughout the year just to keep you informed. So have fun shopping and from all of us at Abbott ISD, "Thank you!!!!"

At the top of every page in your mall you will see the word Invite in the top navigation menu. This is one of the best tools available to promote your mall. Invite every one you have an email address for. When you invite someone to your mall they will receive an email telling them about your new mall. Periodically, during the major shopping seasons, they will receive emails that tell them about the great stores and deals in your mall that pertain to that shopping season.