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Prepare the Child for the Path, not the PATH for the Child
The inevitable result of communication is misunderstanding because we assume the receiver picks up the same transmission we send. But the receiver always has a separate agenda and his own unique view of the world. Only through dialogue can we be certain we are being understood.
                                                                    From the book, The Man In The Mirror by Patrick Morley
Welcome to my page. This school year will be my 26th year at Abbott ISD and my 29th year teaching overall. I'm a 1984 graduate of Plano East Senior High, 1986 Graduate of Hill College and a 1989 graduate of Texas A&M. I take great pride in helping to educate children to become productive members of society. If there is anything I can do to help prepare your child for the path please email or call.
Class Schedule
1- Junior High Athletics
2- Conference
3-  Athletic Director Conference 
4- Professional Communication / Health I
5-  Health 6
6- Foundations of Personal Fitness / Aerobic Activity
7- High School Girls Athletics
8- High School Boys Athletics